How Drums To Go Works

It starts with listening. The song often tells me what to play, and my assessments come from my 20+ years of professional music experience. Therefore, I listen and think about the part in relation to the artistic goal. Then I’ll begin tasks like selecting the right snare drum and ride cymbal to fit the idea of the song and the production.

Generally, I’ll use a standard modern micing technique with stereo overheads, a mic on each drum, inside and outside BD mics, a mono room and a stereo room pair. I often like to include a “stunt” mic of some sort as well. That said, if the project calls for something different, the direction may very well change. Perhaps the Glynn Johns 3-mic technique, or maybe a mono overhead and a room mic. Everything is to serve the song and the production.

If you are looking for percussion or hand drum add-ons rather than full drum tracking, that is also available. I can accommodate just about any combination of requests, or stand-alone drum/percussion requests.

Please plan to include an in-tempo count-off when sending your song.

Once I have a part and a take that I think works, an MP3 mix is sent to the client for approval or notes. If changes are requested, I’ll happily incorporate them into the part and re-track.

When the track is approved and payment is received, you’ll receive a file transfer of each individual track to import into your DAW to continue your process.

Start by completing the contact form below to initiate a quote, or head to the Quotes/Contact page. Even if you are not ready for a full quote, we can begin discussing your project and I can answer any questions you have. Replies will be returned within 24-48 business hours, if not sooner.