About Tony SanFilippo


Tony SanFilippo started playing music early in his life when his great Uncle Mario first gave him drumsticks and a practice pad at age 3. School band started in 4th grade and he continued on to receive a Bachelor of Music (Percussion Performance) degree from Northern Illinois University.

Tony has been playing professionally since he was 12 years old. He began engineering and producing professionally in 1996 at Shiny on Top Records, which led to the opening of Oxide Lounge Recording in 2003. In addition to running his studio, SanFilippo teaches privately, works as an adjunct professor at Illinois Wesleyan University, provides guest instruction in recording practices for the Arts Technology department and performs as a percussion accompanist for the Dance department at Illinois State University.

A regular reviewer/contributor to TapeOp Magazine since 2004 and RecordingHacks.com since 2011, SanFilippo has also been a moderator on the TapeOp message board, a guest speaker at The Blackbird Academy, and a featured panelist at TapeOp Con, Potluck Con, Webster University’s Central Region AES Student Summit, and Welcome to 1979 Producers and Engineers Summit.

SanFilippo has engineered, produced and played on hundreds of records and his clients include Kenny Rogers, Backyard Tire Fire, Chicago Farmer, Andrew Hedges, The Artist Formally Known as Vince, Sara Quah, Dan Hubbard and many more.

Currently, he is a member of the Sara Quah Band and Wiplot.