Pricing & Add-Ons

Standard Tracking

  • For a song spanning 5-6 minutes, a “standard” song form drum part will run $50. 
  • Longer and more complex songs (tempo changes, multiple time signatures, specific parts, etc.) will need to be quoted individually.
  • Please include an in-tempo count-off!
  • Once the client approves the work sent via MP3, an email invoice will be sent and payment is required within 10 days (via PayPal).
  • After payment is received, the client will be sent a file transfer of each individual track to import into your DAW to continue your process.

To receive an individual quote, please visit the Quotes/Contact page.

Percussion Add-Ons

In addition to drum set, all sorts of percussion can be added on to your sessions. Percussion and hand drums are also available as stand-alone options without full drum tracking.

  • Hand drums (include congas, bongos, and djembe): $20 per 5-7 minutes
  • Shakers, tambourine, claves, ribbon crashers, cowbells, wood block, etc.: $10 per instrument (typically 5-7 minute increments), per song.


To pay your invoice, please visit the Pay page. Payments are made using PayPal.